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Friday, July 12, 2024

Historic Verdict: Donald Trump Found Guilty in Hush Money Trial

In a landmark ruling that reverberated across...

Bronx Tax Preparer, Rafael Alvarez, Accused of $100 Million RIS Fraud

In a startling development, Rafael Alvarez, a...

Breaking News: Efforts to rescue underway following collapse of Baltimore’s Key

Breaking NewsBreaking News: Efforts to rescue underway following collapse of Baltimore's Key

(The Continent Times) Emergency responders are currently engaged in a high-stakes rescue operation following the collapse of Baltimore’s Key Bridge. The catastrophic incident has prompted a swift and coordinated response as authorities work tirelessly to reach and assist any individuals affected by the bridge collapse. Teams comprising firefighters, paramedics, and specialized rescue units are on the scene, utilizing advanced equipment and strategies to navigate the challenging conditions and ensure the safety of those involved, The Today show reported.

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