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Donald Trump’s Sister, Maryanne Trump Barry, Dead At 86


Inflation expected to have ticked down in October amid falling gas prices

(Yahoo Finance) On Tuesday, investors will digest...

Former president Trump sister is found dead in her NYC Apt

Maryanne Trump Barry, 86, was reportedly discovered...

Threads purposes the 100 million user downloads while Twitter struggles

1 Minute ReadThreads purposes the 100 million user downloads while Twitter struggles

The new app attracted over 100 million user sign-ups in less than a week, but it still lacks many of the features popular on Twitter and other platforms, including direct messaging and a robust search function, CNN reported.

Twitter has been struggling long before Threads, though within the first two weeks, the struggle of the social media giant, twitter, has been a lot more noticeable to the public. It is estimated that the company will lose around 1 to 2 billion in revenue during the third and forth quarter of 2023 as some advertisers might choose to go to Threads.

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