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La Liga Defensora, a law firm with offices all over the U.S accused of fraud by its Latino customers

Justice SystemLa Liga Defensora, a law firm with offices all over the U.S accused of fraud by its Latino customers

BY THE CONTINENT TIMES EDITORIAL WITH THE CONTINENT POST COLLABORATION –  John arrived in the United States in search of asylum, fleeing poverty in the Dominican Republic. After a treacherous journey that involved crossing a river with ten other Dominicans, he found himself on American soil, apprehended by border patrol. Sweaty, hungry, and with stains on his pants, John was admitted to the country as a parolee seeking refuge.

Shortly after his arrival, a Texas-based immigrant non-profit organization provided him with essentials and inquired about his destination. Opting for New Jersey, where he had family ties, John embarked on his pursuit of the American dream.

In the bustling state of New Jersey, the 27-year-old found work as a barber, a skill he had honed in his homeland. Despite modest earnings, it was a start, allowing him to save for legal assistance in his quest for a green card through asylum.

“I have a son back in the Dominican Republic,” John shared. “His mother doesn’t work, so it’s up to me to support them.” With only $1,600 saved for legal fees, his aspirations faced a hurdle.

Yet, fate had more in store for John. A chance encounter on the dating app Tinder led him to his future wife, an American citizen of Mexican descent from Fresno, California. Relocating with his meager savings, John tied the knot and set his sights on legalizing his stay in the U.S.

However, navigating the intricate immigration system proved daunting. In need of professional assistance, John and his wife sought the aid of La Liga Defensora to navigate the paperwork required for his residency application.

For John, the journey to freedom and security in the land of opportunity is a testament to resilience in the face of adversity, a story emblematic of countless immigrants striving for a better life in America.


La Liga Defensora, a law firm known for catering predominantly to Latino clients with thirteen offices across six states, was retained by John and his wife to represent him. However, their optimism soon turned to dismay as troubling signs emerged.

Upon learning of the hiring, John promptly reached out to his cousin in New Jersey to share the news. Subsequently, he contacted his brother in Houston, who had already discovered John’s presence in the U.S. Through a quick online search, John’s brother unearthed unsettling details about the law firm, prompting a candid discussion about the importance of vetting businesses before engaging their services.

The concerns raised by John’s brother were alarming. Firstly, the firm’s Google reviews were abysmal, averaging less than three out of five stars. Numerous clients, primarily Latinos like John, reported being defrauded or scammed by the firm in their reviews. Additionally, the firm’s website and contact information were exclusively in Spanish, raising suspicions about its targeted clientele.

Armed with this newfound information, John and his wife swiftly requested a refund of the $1,500 they had paid to La Liga Defensora. Assured by the front desk secretary that their money would be returned promptly, they eagerly awaited reimbursement. However, days turned into weeks, and despite persistent inquiries, no refund materialized.

Frustrated and feeling helpless, John and his wife delved deeper into the firm’s Google reviews, only to discover a disturbing pattern of alleged scams and unfulfilled promises. It became apparent that they were not alone in their ordeal; numerous others had fallen victim to similar experiences, with accusations of payments made without corresponding legal assistance.

“It’s devastating. They’ve taken advantage of me,” John lamented, his voice tinged with desperation. “I’m struggling, and now I’ve lost even more. I can’t afford another lawyer.”

His wife, her eyes brimming with tears, echoed his sentiments, questioning how such injustices could occur in America, a land they had hoped would offer them safety and opportunity.

Despite efforts to obtain comments from La Liga Defensora for this article, The Continent Post’s attempts to reach them by phone were unsuccessful, leaving John and his wife grappling with the aftermath of their ordeal, uncertain of their next steps in pursuit of justice.

This story is developing, and the Continent Times & Continent Post teams will continue our investigation. 

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